Lumos Academy

We're a unique new startup aiming to develop applications which improve the student lifestyle by reinventing how we learn and live our lives as students.


Our mission is to enhance the student lifestyle by developing products that are practical, accessible, and manageable. Our apps go beyond education to cover entertainment and mental health.

Here are the three goals we want to achieve by 2024:

  1. Offer high-level services to those who are disabled
  2. Deliver personalized study tools to aid in the process of learning
  3. Provide a suite of apps to encourage mental health, fun, and creativity

We want to reinvigorate every aspect of the student lifestyle, not just focus on education. We know it's impossible to achieve these goals on our own which is why we are reaching out to everyone across the globe. If you have an app idea you want to build that accelerates our mission, you can apply for Lumos Maxima- our official hiring program!


The heart of our ecosystem is the Lumos app. Here, you can type out lecture notes or simply jot down your world changing ideas. As the hub of all our apps, you can manage your information, connect with other students, or simply see what books users in your organization are reading.


The problem with most to-do apps are that they expect us to have a habit of finishing our tasks. This causes us to keep postponing our goals and ultimately, it's an inefficient tool. With Accomplish, you'll choose 3 tasks to complete everyday, helping you build the habit of carrying out your tasks and getting things done on time.

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Verbatim is an incredibly smart app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze your notes and then retrieve information from it. Using this, Verbatim can generate tests and practice exercies. Say goodbye to long hours of glazing eyes and hello to a better, smarter way of learning.

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