We're a group of people with a dream to change how students live their lives. When it comes to students in the news, we always hear these words: Stress. Procrastination. Depression. It's time to change this. We want to build apps which give students a new outlook at how to manage their time, accomplish tasks quickly, and remember to have fun.

In order to impact the most number of learners, we strive to develop applications on a whole range of platforms. All of our apps are integrated with each other to create a personalized ecosystem for each student. We're all different individuals; everyone learns differently so our apps are developed to be adaptive. Using more of our products frequently helps the apps to learn from each other.

In order to reach out goals, we can't do this alone. Do you have an app idea that helps accelerates our mission? Then, we invite you to apply to Lumos Maxima! Through our program, you'll get the resources and support needed for you to build your product. Keep scrolling to see all the advantages of joining Lumos Maxima!

Your App. Your Choice.

If we want to achieve our goals, we have to work together which means respecting your vision for your app. This is why you are in charge with most of the decisions regarding your app. All design, development, prototype, and release decisions can be made by you and your team.

It's All In The Lightbulb.

While your app will stand as its own entity, the Lumos Academy logo will appear on promotional images. We want our brand to be synonymous with trust and when users see our logo on your apps, they know that they can trust your app as well. This means you need to spend very little money towards promoting your app.

Multiple Users. Instantly.

We want to create a unified, personalized ecosystem between all our apps. This means our users need only one login for every app. When you develop your app, it will integrate automatically with our ecosystem so if a user signed up on one of our other apps, they automatically have access to your app.

Reasonable Profits.

When parent companies own several companies, they partake in a large portion of the profits. Not with Lumos Academy. We only take 20% of your profits to sustain our community, maintain inside tools, and keep us afloat. The remaining 80% remains with you and your app; you get to decide how you'd like to spend those profits.


If you have an idea you would like to pitch, send us an email at